This note will not be about guns. It will be about 3d printing and my mistakes, play and discoveries about nozzle sizes.

0.4 mm -> I got a printer with old default nozzle, used for about 3 years straight, printed few things, also i found quite good settings for my cheap, chinese, filament. And it was OK. Not great, not bad.

But it was… ok i just wanted to discover if i can print a bit faster using 0.6mm, here i started with small stuff, found what was to be founded – temps, speeds, etc but also i found that i have to print really slow on 0.6 because heat transfer from hotend to filament through nozzle was so slow.

Also i had to put nozzle on really high temp so it can hold nozzle end temperature on level that was satisfying my filament needs. So I was also not happy to put really high temps while printing if also we have a free moves, retractions, etc… so filament goes from „perfect temp” to „over heated” in a moment… also if i do it too fast it goes to „too cold, im not melting anymore”

So I have now brand new 0.4mm nozzle and… on settings from previous, used, 0.4mm are not accurate. New nozzle was not as messed, not burned and so on.

But hey! I just learned a lot, read a lot about thermal transfer and filament melting…