Firefish… was a mistake

I live in Fediverse for a year now. Like many others i have started after Space Karen bought Twitter and … Fediverse started to be „a new niche thing that has people”.

I have started at someones else server, then moved to my own mastodon instance… than to calckey which changed name to firefish and … now i`m going back to someone elses mastodon.

Why? Because i do not want to admin this shit anymore.

Single person firefish instance is just a stupid thing – it doesn`t have ANY good tooling to manage it. It doesn`t have also any CLI or API to (for example) just remove old stuff (year old clones of stuff from other instance?)

So after my 1 person instance after ~7 months had 9 milion of posts in DB (and ~10,5GB) i decided „enough” i am going out of this mess. I do not need to have a copy of fediverse, I just want to have some joy from it. And started to migrate.

I am software developer. I know what is a difference between a Software Develop Process and YOLO Dev. And when i started to extract all my bookmarks from firefish i discovered that… they even managed to fuck OpenAPI because OApi docs says „we are pushing proper json”

[{"key": "value"}]

but devs decided that… instead of proper json they will send you sth „jsonlike”:

[{key: value,
key2: 'value',

yup, they not only didnt followed their own docs, they even made a mismatch in it.

So i have just scraped all URLs from this outcome and made it into CSVs that was accepted by mastodon to keep my favs with me.

Whats next? It (Fish) loves to not update stuff at time. Polls is ending? whatever, it will be updated after full restart, why the hell it should bother about, right? With max concurrency set to „2” it can keep all 4 cores of VPS used just by itself, with no place for DB and others, and so on… my list of this software sins is so long… it is faster to migrate and just forgot about this shit then list them.

And i have 4 users (myself, friend who just tested it, and two technical accounts), not ~5k like so … maybe i am just having issues of „not scaling enough” (laugh). Or just… they don`t care about anything but good look at front, and no pants at back?

I don`t care anymore.

Good By fish