HomeAssistant fuckup and fix

First of all – I am not a huge fan of automatization at home. I love mechanical switches in my power network, i love old-style electromechanical engineering in washing devices and in all kinds of stuff. But hey! We have 2023 and ~3/4 of devices at my home have some smart features… that want to connect into someone`s EvilCorp data centers… So maybe I can just put them into MY network and into MY HA instance instead?

So I have installed HA, added my devices, hacked some of them for not connecting to EvilCloud and was happy until yesterday.

I have tried to use ESPHome to HA integration because it is much easier then writing everything from scratch for ESP32/8266 connectivity to HA. BUT then i have realised that table:

So – my HA in Docker/Podman Container canot use Addons because … someone said so. I can understand that for some reasons HA in Docker cannot do sth but … how it can do it while being in VM (Supervised) or even in HAOS in VM? And why the hell i cannot have Add-Ons in Core install directly on OS of MY choice?

It is really stupid for me. But … i have some time, i am nerd, i … can migrate it maybe.

So – lets define my situation:

  • Home Assistant in Docker cannot have AddOns
  • HostOS is Fedora39
  • HostOS can into Virtualisation
  • HAContainer can be Backuped into migration to HAOS (due to 3 )

So maybe i am not so fucked at all? Maybe it is just „make a backup, install HAOS, restore backup”? Lets check it out.


First lets do a backup

Settings -> System -> Backup -> Create… and downloaded it.

Then stop Container with HA and disable autostart for it on boot.

Now i have changed my ports in /etc/nginx/conf.d/<fileForHomeAssistant> from earlier ones into :8123 in both API and / config so i can have it working after installation of VM and started it from here:
https://www.home-assistant.io/installation/linux and for me its KVM virt-install as I prefer to use it from CLI.

unxz filename.qcow2.xc

this will

virt-install --name hass --description "Home Assistant OS" --os-variant=generic --ram=2048 --vcpus=2 --disk <PATH TO QCOW2 FILE>,bus=sata --import --graphics none --boot uefi
  1. there is NO SPACE between your unpacked file path and „,” sign so it is sth like –disk /var/vm/hass.qcow2,bus=sata
  2. ram and vcpus you can change later
  3. also later you can add another devices to running VM so you don`t have to care about BT dongles and so on.

then… i have tried to resync with my backup

Six times

Start from scratch

So after trying migration i have just started my new instance from same virt-install … command as migration but i have not uploaded my backup. Just started one more time. And now i have working instance of selfhosted – HAOS vm. with all features working.

And it is sick.