I love games

You won`t understand. I love games… but not a typical ones.

Some time ago, a nice news was dropped by a Gentoo dev team: „Gentoo goes binary!” which means that they decided that some packages will have a binary copy with some default presets ready to download. So – for example – starting new system would be much faster if you can just download some basic stuff, maybe even wayland, gnome or kde basics and browser. So you can then rebuild your system while having functional one already.

This bought me.

I have decided: I want to check it out. I didn`t played with Gentoo for about 10 years. My last PC with gentoo was AMD Athlon 3200+. It was if I good remember 2core one with 4 gigs of ram… or it was a core2duo 2c/4t? I don`t know. And it doesn’t matter. It was years ago.

Ok so i found best time to have fun – from monday I was starting new job. So I had 2 days full of learning „beaurocracy” while my personal laptop was building or rebuilding itself. It was just like having second screen at side with going „matrix screensaver” all the time. … ok not all the time – most time it was in screen app and with closed lid.

After all – I started at sunday evening, and after few rebuilds at wednsday i had working wifi, kde and firefox. I feel great!

It was a great moment – i have read about 150-200 pages of docs, rebuilded over 4k of packets, and just after that i had a working system with gui.

That was also moment that i decided that i want to play a moment and find OTHER distro to use. Because I do not want to have to wait … minutes or hours to use some software. Maybe its better to have perfectly suited system, apps and so on. But … i do not want to wait so much time for building stuff.

So at Thorsday 😉 I installed Arch instead. Because why not. Still there is a lot of play but … without waiting hours if I need to use some app.

Oh and yes – it was smooth to install it.