Phillips all in one trimmer – series 5000

Lets start with an issue – my series 5000 trimmer is not working. MG5720 is not working one more time.
Last time it was desoldered cable from the on-off switch. Lets check whats going on this time. Oh and there will be photos from tear down (disassembly) and then from reassembly. Lets Go!

What we need:

  • Torx T6
  • pliers
  • round opener (guitar pick or sth like that)
  1. take top cover
  2. unscrew two T6 screws from the front
  1. take front cover
  2. take off the switch and orange cover
  1. take whole of inside pocket from the shield.
    • you should hold it one hand on the rotor
    • you should gently press area under the switch into inside to get it easier to move
    • you should gently press the power plug inside to get it move
    • (yes you need 3 or 4 hands to do it proper)

small break here: you can now do few things without further disassembly:

  1. check your battery just using AA battery and connecting it alongside with existing one to check if it is working on other AA -> if yes, you need to gently take off old one and put there a new AArechargable (1.2V)
  2. if your connector is loose – you need to resolder it or just take wires outside and make your own connector using for example XT60 😉

and if it is still not working you need to be very careful in next move. Gently move this white cover up (but not brake it from the heated points of mount, and using pliers get this small part away -> after that you can open it further and get acces to switch, motor and cables.

Oh and if you need any more photos – you can easily find my e-mail so i can just post it here 😀

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