After a lot of time spent on other stuff I have finally restored this blog.

  • Updates done
  • Server migration to homelab
  • nginx, sql, php… everything is brand new 😉

Also now i am creating main site -> with full cicd stack.

In last few months I forgotten how lovely is just typing letters on keyboard. Letters that have some meaning for computers. So it just takes it as orders and do stuff. I am writing code, scripts, tools, configs and few computers do stuff for me.

Now i have my own Git instance with working cicd env on arm64, and will manage x64 also in next days. I have home assistant app that is just working… instead of 20 apps of different vendors of my toys. Also i have news reader -> freshRss and notesApp and few more – and all just works from an old laptop that was in basement.

It is great feel. Do not confuse with fell– i am not falling down, i am feeling great now.

Note with dedication for Jakub. Thanks men.

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