I don’t care anymore about comments. Sorry – i have disabled both: comments and ActivityPub. Bye.

Why? Few reasons.


I am Wiktor, human. Not a blog, not a camera, not a microphone… doesn’t matter. I’m one person and i believe that i should own ONE AP account. Mine is hosted at great Infosec.Exchange server of Mastodon at handle of @wikiyu where you can find me.

I will post there info about my blogposts, photos, music… whatever. So why i should multiply my online existence? I can just discuss stuff there. Your welcome.


DSA (not a „digital shit act”) says that i have to provide moderation rules, easy access to inform me about „bad” content, oh and ofcourse i would be responsible for any illegal comments from other users. So I can just say fWord comments. Bye

And I Dont Care about it. Cya


This note will not be about guns. It will be about 3d printing and my mistakes, play and discoveries about nozzle sizes.

0.4 mm -> I got a printer with old default nozzle, used for about 3 years straight, printed few things, also i found quite good settings for my cheap, chinese, filament. And it was OK. Not great, not bad.

But it was… ok i just wanted to discover if i can print a bit faster using 0.6mm, here i started with small stuff, found what was to be founded – temps, speeds, etc but also i found that i have to print really slow on 0.6 because heat transfer from hotend to filament through nozzle was so slow.

Also i had to put nozzle on really high temp so it can hold nozzle end temperature on level that was satisfying my filament needs. So I was also not happy to put really high temps while printing if also we have a free moves, retractions, etc… so filament goes from „perfect temp” to „over heated” in a moment… also if i do it too fast it goes to „too cold, im not melting anymore”

So I have now brand new 0.4mm nozzle and… on settings from previous, used, 0.4mm are not accurate. New nozzle was not as messed, not burned and so on.

But hey! I just learned a lot, read a lot about thermal transfer and filament melting…

Fun with printers!

For last three days i’m playing with a new toy -> 3d printer. 3,5 yo chinese Ender 3 printer. But hey – after cleaning, doing some maintenance its working like it was new. But I had few issues that i want to share with you. And with me in future:

Cleaning is important

First of all – if you want to use old/used/etc printer -> clean it from beggining to the end. Everything. Its much easier if you will take it as a blessed true. Just take some time, redo everything in a printer. Disassembly it, clean, put oil where it should be, wipe where it should be wiped… etc. just make yourself a „brand new” feeling for first prints

Everybody lie

This device is old, used… just check it. If temperature sensors says 200 or 90 or …anything else – take second probe and check it. You should have a temperature probe in a kitchen as it is often used while cooking. Just check if the difference is not big.

I would also say to check about EndStop sensors but if you are redoing whole printer then you should also re position your endstops.


If you had any software – slicer, 3d cad, printer software, octoprint, octopi… just update everything before you start – you wont loose time to reconfigure anything after update, and you wont find any tutorials using functionalities that you dont have because where added in newer version.

Fix and change

If you see anything that would require fixing or changing in short future… do it now. „This belt looks nasty”, „I dont know how old is this nozzle”, „these cables are routed stupid”… just do it now. Before you start. Make your life easier in next weeks. You will want to PRINT in next days, today you are playing with printer. Do the best you can.

First prints

Just spend some time for your own mental health and print temperature tower. One for each owned filament. In high range of temps. And yes – i just discovered that my cheap filament has the best results in 215*C while on box was info „190-210” so give yourself a chance and make it. Its much easier to spend this time ONCE to check each filament bests.

Remote view

OctoPrint with Raspberry Pi and camera or webcam, or just IP Camera… doesnt matter – its best to not leave your printer unattended. So at least having an option to see it remotely and powercut using some smart plug or sth like that is (for me) a must have. Having loud printer in the room where you live/work is a nightmare, but if you just put it in the kitchen/other room/etc then you have to control it remotely (even if you are at home).

And here – software like octoprint with also possibility to remote run prints is great, as it removes necessarity of moving this stupid, small, sd card, there and back.

Whats next?

You have clean, well maintained, printer. Updated, configured, with your best temperature configurations for all owned filaments. Now you can just play with 3d software, makers websites and projects, and print, and learn to modeling and have fun without being upset that printer is doing something that you cannot understand.

Have fun!

HomeAssistant fuckup and fix

First of all – I am not a huge fan of automatization at home. I love mechanical switches in my power network, i love old-style electromechanical engineering in washing devices and in all kinds of stuff. But hey! We have 2023 and ~3/4 of devices at my home have some smart features… that want to connect into someone`s EvilCorp data centers… So maybe I can just put them into MY network and into MY HA instance instead?

So I have installed HA, added my devices, hacked some of them for not connecting to EvilCloud and was happy until yesterday.

I have tried to use ESPHome to HA integration because it is much easier then writing everything from scratch for ESP32/8266 connectivity to HA. BUT then i have realised that table:

So – my HA in Docker/Podman Container canot use Addons because … someone said so. I can understand that for some reasons HA in Docker cannot do sth but … how it can do it while being in VM (Supervised) or even in HAOS in VM? And why the hell i cannot have Add-Ons in Core install directly on OS of MY choice?

It is really stupid for me. But … i have some time, i am nerd, i … can migrate it maybe.

So – lets define my situation:

  • Home Assistant in Docker cannot have AddOns
  • HostOS is Fedora39
  • HostOS can into Virtualisation
  • HAContainer can be Backuped into migration to HAOS (due to 3 )

So maybe i am not so fucked at all? Maybe it is just „make a backup, install HAOS, restore backup”? Lets check it out.


First lets do a backup

Settings -> System -> Backup -> Create… and downloaded it.

Then stop Container with HA and disable autostart for it on boot.

Now i have changed my ports in /etc/nginx/conf.d/<fileForHomeAssistant> from earlier ones into :8123 in both API and / config so i can have it working after installation of VM and started it from here: and for me its KVM virt-install as I prefer to use it from CLI.

unxz filename.qcow2.xc

this will

virt-install --name hass --description "Home Assistant OS" --os-variant=generic --ram=2048 --vcpus=2 --disk <PATH TO QCOW2 FILE>,bus=sata --import --graphics none --boot uefi
  1. there is NO SPACE between your unpacked file path and „,” sign so it is sth like –disk /var/vm/hass.qcow2,bus=sata
  2. ram and vcpus you can change later
  3. also later you can add another devices to running VM so you don`t have to care about BT dongles and so on.

then… i have tried to resync with my backup

Six times

Start from scratch

So after trying migration i have just started my new instance from same virt-install … command as migration but i have not uploaded my backup. Just started one more time. And now i have working instance of selfhosted – HAOS vm. with all features working.

And it is sick.

I love games

You won`t understand. I love games… but not a typical ones.

Some time ago, a nice news was dropped by a Gentoo dev team: „Gentoo goes binary!” which means that they decided that some packages will have a binary copy with some default presets ready to download. So – for example – starting new system would be much faster if you can just download some basic stuff, maybe even wayland, gnome or kde basics and browser. So you can then rebuild your system while having functional one already.

This bought me.

I have decided: I want to check it out. I didn`t played with Gentoo for about 10 years. My last PC with gentoo was AMD Athlon 3200+. It was if I good remember 2core one with 4 gigs of ram… or it was a core2duo 2c/4t? I don`t know. And it doesn’t matter. It was years ago.

Ok so i found best time to have fun – from monday I was starting new job. So I had 2 days full of learning „beaurocracy” while my personal laptop was building or rebuilding itself. It was just like having second screen at side with going „matrix screensaver” all the time. … ok not all the time – most time it was in screen app and with closed lid.

After all – I started at sunday evening, and after few rebuilds at wednsday i had working wifi, kde and firefox. I feel great!

It was a great moment – i have read about 150-200 pages of docs, rebuilded over 4k of packets, and just after that i had a working system with gui.

That was also moment that i decided that i want to play a moment and find OTHER distro to use. Because I do not want to have to wait … minutes or hours to use some software. Maybe its better to have perfectly suited system, apps and so on. But … i do not want to wait so much time for building stuff.

So at Thorsday 😉 I installed Arch instead. Because why not. Still there is a lot of play but … without waiting hours if I need to use some app.

Oh and yes – it was smooth to install it.

Firefish – migration from admin


I had a calckey/firefish instance for myself (and for testing ff by Bobiko) … but after it grow up a bit, and DB was ~10G i decided to cut it off… and this was a bit painfull process.

So in FF you cannot make a migration if you have admin account. BUT you are admin, so you can change your files so..


export default define(meta, paramDef, async (ps, user) => {
	if (!ps.moveToAccount) throw new ApiError(meta.errors.noSuchMoveTarget);
	if (user.isAdmin) throw new ApiError(meta.errors.adminForbidden);
	if (user.movedToUri) throw new ApiError(meta.errors.alreadyMoved);

You need to remove this check „if (user.isAdmin)” just add # in front of the line

Also if you tried few times it can be tricky because of rate limiter so …


export const limiter = (
	limitation: IEndpointMeta["limit"] & { key: NonNullable<string> },
	actor: string,
) =>
	new Promise<void>((ok, reject) => {
		if (process.env.NODE_ENV === "test") ok();

		const hasShortTermLimit = typeof limitation.minInterval === "number";

just remove limiter by adding new line after „new Promise<void…
and pass them only ok();

export const limiter = (
	limitation: IEndpointMeta["limit"] & { key: NonNullable<string> },
	actor: string,
) =>
	new Promise<void>((ok, reject) => {
		if (process.env.NODE_ENV === "test") ok();

so you can play with it all the time and there is no limitation for admin to move.

Thank you, now just play with standard „after update” procedure of:

pnpm install
NODE_ENV=production pnpm run build && pnpm run migrate
pm2 ps
pm2 stop Firefish
pm2 start "NODE_ENV=production pnpm run start" --name Firefish

et voila

Firefish… was a mistake

I live in Fediverse for a year now. Like many others i have started after Space Karen bought Twitter and … Fediverse started to be „a new niche thing that has people”.

I have started at someones else server, then moved to my own mastodon instance… than to calckey which changed name to firefish and … now i`m going back to someone elses mastodon.

Why? Because i do not want to admin this shit anymore.

Single person firefish instance is just a stupid thing – it doesn`t have ANY good tooling to manage it. It doesn`t have also any CLI or API to (for example) just remove old stuff (year old clones of stuff from other instance?)

So after my 1 person instance after ~7 months had 9 milion of posts in DB (and ~10,5GB) i decided „enough” i am going out of this mess. I do not need to have a copy of fediverse, I just want to have some joy from it. And started to migrate.

I am software developer. I know what is a difference between a Software Develop Process and YOLO Dev. And when i started to extract all my bookmarks from firefish i discovered that… they even managed to fuck OpenAPI because OApi docs says „we are pushing proper json”

[{"key": "value"}]

but devs decided that… instead of proper json they will send you sth „jsonlike”:

[{key: value,
key2: 'value',

yup, they not only didnt followed their own docs, they even made a mismatch in it.

So i have just scraped all URLs from this outcome and made it into CSVs that was accepted by mastodon to keep my favs with me.

Whats next? It (Fish) loves to not update stuff at time. Polls is ending? whatever, it will be updated after full restart, why the hell it should bother about, right? With max concurrency set to „2” it can keep all 4 cores of VPS used just by itself, with no place for DB and others, and so on… my list of this software sins is so long… it is faster to migrate and just forgot about this shit then list them.

And i have 4 users (myself, friend who just tested it, and two technical accounts), not ~5k like so … maybe i am just having issues of „not scaling enough” (laugh). Or just… they don`t care about anything but good look at front, and no pants at back?

I don`t care anymore.

Good By fish

Phillips all in one trimmer – series 5000

Lets start with an issue – my series 5000 trimmer is not working. MG5720 is not working one more time.
Last time it was desoldered cable from the on-off switch. Lets check whats going on this time. Oh and there will be photos from tear down (disassembly) and then from reassembly. Lets Go!

What we need:

  • Torx T6
  • pliers
  • round opener (guitar pick or sth like that)
  1. take top cover
  2. unscrew two T6 screws from the front
  1. take front cover
  2. take off the switch and orange cover
  1. take whole of inside pocket from the shield.
    • you should hold it one hand on the rotor
    • you should gently press area under the switch into inside to get it easier to move
    • you should gently press the power plug inside to get it move
    • (yes you need 3 or 4 hands to do it proper)

small break here: you can now do few things without further disassembly:

  1. check your battery just using AA battery and connecting it alongside with existing one to check if it is working on other AA -> if yes, you need to gently take off old one and put there a new AArechargable (1.2V)
  2. if your connector is loose – you need to resolder it or just take wires outside and make your own connector using for example XT60 😉

and if it is still not working you need to be very careful in next move. Gently move this white cover up (but not brake it from the heated points of mount, and using pliers get this small part away -> after that you can open it further and get acces to switch, motor and cables.

Oh and if you need any more photos – you can easily find my e-mail so i can just post it here 😀


After a lot of time spent on other stuff I have finally restored this blog.

  • Updates done
  • Server migration to homelab
  • nginx, sql, php… everything is brand new 😉

Also now i am creating main site -> with full cicd stack.

In last few months I forgotten how lovely is just typing letters on keyboard. Letters that have some meaning for computers. So it just takes it as orders and do stuff. I am writing code, scripts, tools, configs and few computers do stuff for me.

Now i have my own Git instance with working cicd env on arm64, and will manage x64 also in next days. I have home assistant app that is just working… instead of 20 apps of different vendors of my toys. Also i have news reader -> freshRss and notesApp and few more – and all just works from an old laptop that was in basement.

It is great feel. Do not confuse with fell– i am not falling down, i am feeling great now.

Note with dedication for Jakub. Thanks men.

Waveshare RP2040-zero Arduino

Quick note to myself in future. To use Waveshare RP2040-zero in Arduino IDE you need to:

  1. download app
  2. connect RP device
  3. press „boot” button
  4. install Micropython for RPi pico H
  5. reboot device (BOOT button)
  6. start Arduino IDE
  7. select „COMx” port + Raspberry Pi Pico as board
  8. upload ANY sketch with IMPORTANT action: while in Output there will be line of dots press BOOT and RESET button on RP device at SAME TIME.
  9. now you can upload ANY sketch into RP2040-zero from Arduino IDE without any issues.