As I yesterday wrote (in I Messed blogpost) i migrated from fedora to arch. It was quite simple as installing using “archinstaller” script is easy. Of course if you are reading docs, not yolo going like me.

I forgot to rerun “mkinitcpio” after updating both kernel and nvidia drivers… as i messed script for doing it in automatic way… my fail and oh… whatever.

But also: migration of most tools went great -> copy of ~/.mozilla gave me fully working browser with everything what i had before. Same with ~/…/signal for chat with family and friends… etc

So what happened to blog? I forgot what i have done to config it and have only .md files. So… “oh no, anyway” meme should be placed here. And we are going forward.

But – what do I use now? Newest KDE plasma 6 with Nvidia and Wayland and… its great, even still on 550 nv drivers.

Was it worth it? NO! But it was fun. And tinkering with computers is fun for me.
Also waiting for updates on fedora and other not rolling distros was boring. Here sth can die just by itself! So it will be much more fun.

Oh and its not “production” computer, not a work one. Just a personal pc owned by a geek who wants it.

28th may 2024


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